1 February 2017

Air Traffic Control

Within this division we focus on Air Traffic Control and operational systems such as baggage handling systems. The specialties of TriOpSys come together excellently in Air Traffic Control: high security demands, 24×7 operation level, very high quality of the software. An example is TriOpSys’ involvement in the development and maintenance of the Amsterdam Advanced Air Traffic Control System of Air Traffic Control Netherlands (Dutch: LVNL).

Baggage handling

Sound and timely processing of huge amounts of baggage is crucial to airports and one of the major key performance indicators they are judged on internationally. Even the smallest failure of the baggage handling system has major consequences for the next 24 hours and costs the airport millions. This is even without mentioning the inconvenience for the passengers and reputational damage done to the airport.

TriOpSys played a crucial role in the architectural blueprint for large baggage handling systems. We also specify such systems, guide the development done by third parties and perform tests and inspections.