9 February 2017

Software Development

TriOpSys is a systems integrator and we constantly try to look for ways to use best of breed software in our solutions as a standard. If necessary, we complete specific needs with custom software. Our professionals have extensive experience in creating interfaces between systems and TriOpSys has the knowledge and specialization to deliver your project turnkey.

We develop custom software in-house according to the Scrum framework. Gradually, the product is developed and adapted in short completions (‘sprints’), following the insights of a permanent multidisciplinary team and the client  . This is a flexible way, where you are assured of software which supports optimal management. Unprecedently, our method – fixed price / fixed time with a guaranteed successfully delivered project – is still valid. Thus, you know where you stand in terms of cost and delivery date, while taking advantage of the flexible way of Agile software development.

For unlocking data on mobile hardware we build custom apps, but with the security that belongs to mission critical systems. That is our duty to do this. If desired, it is a possibility to add functionality to the app, allowing the user to enter data and send it back to your system. A simple and straightforward way to create a field service system.

For support within your own project, it is possible to hire our developers on Time Hire or Time Box basis. They are up to date with the latest developments in their field. Staff turnover, and thus loss of knowledge, is small within TriOpSys and this guarantees the continuity of the commitment.

In-house experience and expertise:

  • Programming languages: Java, C, C++, C#, Delphi, PHP, Perl, etc.
  • Frameworks/platforms: JEE, Spring Framework, Hibernate, .NET
  • Programming environments: Eclipse IDE, Visual Studio en assemblers
  • Operating systems: Unix / Linux variations, realtime kernels, Windows, Windows Phone/Mobile/(Embedded) CE, Android, iOS
  • Application Server Technology, Apache webserver, Apache Tomcat, BEA Weblogic , IIS, WildFly (former JBoss AS)
  • Web interfaces, web services, AJAX, JMS, REST, RPC, SOAP, XML, etc.
  • Relational and object oriented database systems, such as: Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server, ObjectStore and Sybase
  • Security & Safety expertise, such as NEN-EN-IEC 62061/61508, Safety Integrity Levels (SIL)
  • Several packages, such as: Jenkins, LabView, Maven, Qt, SCADA, SmartBear CodeReviewer, Sonar, SPSS, VMWare, etc.
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Microsoft BizTalk
  • Testmethods and tools: TMap, ISEB/ISTQB, Empirix e-Test, Quicktest Pro, The Grinder, Mercury TestDirector, Mantis, Selenium, etc.