9 February 2017

Monitoring & Control

There is more and more to monitor. Traditionally, this consists of network and server monitoring, monitoring of the IT infrastructure. Nowadays, we are also increasingly able to monitor fixed and moving objects, both within buildings and outside. Based on fixed lines or using modern mobile communication.

More and more data becomes available. Most IT systems log all kinds of information in large files with various formats. There is more and more technology available to collect and analyze this data. Whereby we can monitor complete processes and chains and the management responsible can be in control under any circumstances.

Within TriOpSys we always see monitoring in relation to control. Being in control is the business issue that matters. Being in control means being able to bear responsibility, by having the proper information for a proper analysis.

TriOpSys ensures monitoring of objects, systems or entire process chains so that customers gain control of their own environment. It ensures that the availability is raised to the required level and maintained. TriOpSys enables customers to prepare the right reports based on the monitoring data. As a result, our clients are in control in terms of efficiency, risks and costs.

What can you expect from TriOpSys?

We have experience with Monitoring & Control in Mission Critical environments. TriOpSys has proven experience in traffic control centers, emergency centers and control room systems for police, fire department, defence, military police and security companies.

We design, develop and manage very specific environments. For the workplaces of dispatchers in the control room, mission critical applications for obtaining traffic information or Command & Control centers of defence.

We have a 24 × 7 focus. We monitor and ensure that clients remain in control, remote, even outside office hours, from our Mission Critical Services team.

Within our approach we anticipate change. TriOpSys has several fixed Scrum teams who design and manage software. As a system integrator, we use whenever possible proven and standard solutions. Where necessary, we supplement with customized software.

We provide complete Monitoring & Control services:


  • Which objects, systems or chains are suitable for monitoring?
  • What technology is already being used for this purpose?
  • Where are the improvements?
  • Where are the unacceptable risks?
  • What benefits can the use of new technology offer?
  • How does a possible business case look like?


  • What are the state-of-the-art, proven solutions?
  • What are the requirements of which a selection can be made?
  • Which aspects should be tested?
  • How can the feasibility being estimated in a short time?
  • Can we create a design in a pilot environment?


  • Designing IT architectures for complete monitoring solutions
  • Collecting user requirements
  • Elaboration of technical design documents
  • Documenting conforming document standards such as J-STD-16

System development and integration

  • Creating and testing of monitoring solutions
  • Interfacing sensors and other peripherals to existing platforms and systems
  • Implementing and configuring software solutions
  • Creating dashboards, stoplights and other management information
  • Mobile apps for alerting and visualization of monitoring results

Monitoring & maintenance

  • Mapping system dependencies and risk profiles
  • Actual management of the (24 × 7) monitoring and follow-up, pilot services, helpdesk
  • Reporting on availability with proposals for restoration