10 February 2017


TriOpSys at NIDV Symposium and Exhibition


Thursday November 30, the annual NIDV Symposium and Exhibition will take place in Ahoy Rotterdam. A ‘must’ for everyone in the Defense and OOV sector and TriOpSys is once again present with a stand. We invite all visitors to visit our booth in Hall 2, number 323. At Hijwegen, Joy Ong, Remco Reijm, Ronald Bommerson, Rob Timman and Natasja Dokter will tell you everything about managing control rooms, building simulators, our latest development of SecuRadar, etc. For more information, see www.nidv.eu/symposium.


ISO27001 certificate obtained


TriOpSys has obtained the coveted ISO27001 certificate! ISO27001 is THE international standard when it comes to information security. It is proof that TriOpSys has taken the necessary measures to protect sensitive information. And for TriOpSys also a ‘must’ given our activities regarding Mission Critical IT Systems, environments where security is of great importance in the broadest sense of the word. A big thank you to all the project team members who have been setting up the Information Security Management System (ISMS) for TriOpSys and fully integrating with our existing procedures. Fantastic that we succeeded, well done!


Launch Tropomi successful


The launch of Sentinel 5P / Tropomi has been successful! On behalf of everyone at TriOpSys, we congratulate the ESA and all the companies and institutes involved with this great result. We are very proud of our TriOpSys team, which has worked hard for years to prepare Tropomi for the measurements that contribute to more knowledge about our climate and air quality: Nico Rozemeijer, Frank Vonk, Jonatan Leloux, Peter Meijering, Jan de Wit, Robin Landzaat and Alexander van Heukelum. We would also like to mention those who have worked with us on this in the past: Daniel Schiavini, Martien de Haan and Erik den Dekker. Amazing work and well done everybody!


Extension NEN4400-1 certification


On Thursday, September 28, 2017, we once again passed the annual NEN4400-1 inspection carried out by Qualitatis. Without Non-Conformities! This inspection checks whether we have carried out our taxes, whether the personnel files are in order, whether the retention periods are in order, or all contracts are present, etc. Special thanks to Kym de Klerk, Jetty Lijklema and Monique Korver for the preparation and Marcel Busink for the successful supervision of the inspection!


Hardware upgrade for Toska


Recently, we received the assignment to perform a hardware upgrade for Toska (Test Setup Ships). Toska was realized by TriOpSys on behalf of Rijkswaterstaat in 2009 and is a demonstration and test unit incorporating all ICT components (hardware and software) as used on board the Rijkswaterstaat patrol vessels. The setup was later extended with a ship simulator, so you can virtually sail the waterways with the test setup. This console is used for demonstration, training and testing purposes. Gijs Calis is going to execute the upgrade, so the entire system is up to date. Good luck, Gijs!

Collage of the simulator and ship


Start project for Astron


During a kick-off meeting between Astron as customer and TriOpSys and S[&]T as collaborating suppliers, the project “Requirements Specification ASTRON Science Data Portal” has started. Astron manages the Westerbork Synthesis Radio Telescope (WSRT) and the Low Frequency Array (LOFAR) – both of which belong to the world’s largest radio telescopes. The wish is a user-friendly portal for current data collections, which in the future can be expanded for other datasets.

TriOpSys and S [&] T will help Astron to specify the requirements, conduct market research and provide advice on the implementation of the portal. On the photo, from left to right: Gijs Calis (TriOpSys), Marco Iacobelli (Astron), Roberto Pizzo (Astron), Gert Kruithof (Astron), Edo Loenen (S[&]T) and Joy Ong (TriOpSys). We thank Astron for the assignment and wish Gijs and Edo great success and enjoyment with the execution!


New ISO9001:2015 certificate


We succeeded the new ISO9001: 2015 certification! Last week we were audited again by LRQA and the auditors concluded: “We can not find flaws in your thorough quality system.” There were therefore no non-conformities to report. It is not only an extension of the certificate with three years, but also an upgrade to the new ISO-standard ISO9001: 2015. We are very proud and thank all the staff for the preparations and specifically Marcel Busink, our QA officer, who has successfully managed everything again. Well done all!


TriOpSys realizes ODS for Rijkswaterstaat


We have won a beautiful project again! We will make ODS ready for production for Rijkswaterstaat. ODS stands for Object Data Services and was developed in 2015 as part of the Technical Pilot – Traffic Center of Tomorrow. This pilot went so well that the system will now be put into service and we will realize that for RWS. Within ODS, links with objects such as sluices, bridges and tunnels are realized. Thus, it is possible to see the status of these objects in real-time and this data can also be saved. That data can then be used for predictive maintenance of the objects or sluice scheduling of shipping traffic. We wish our Scrum team consisting of Gerben, Jarik, Jan, Mark, Marvin and Dennis lots of success and fun with the execution!


TriOpSys and Infram specify tender LUV-VTS


Recently the Department of Public Works has awarded us a beautiful job specification for the tender ‘National Uniform Replacement – Vessel Traffic Services’ (LUV-VTS). This project involves the replacement of the software of the current radar systems, which stand along the waterways for safely guiding inland vessels. We perform this specification and advisory process in collaboration with Infram, where we focus on the product and Infram takes care of the contract side. We thank the department for the trust and wish our consultant Gerben Bijhold lot of success and fun with the execution!


Project advice UKVC


We are asked to advice on establishing a standard for the way of interfacing with traffic management centers. The project is called Universal Interface Traffic Centers (UKVC) and is carried out on behalf of Rijkswaterstaat. Hans Schulz, Technical Director, and Hotze de Jong, Senior Consultant, will give advice on the best way to do that. We thank RWS for the given trust and wish Hans and Hotze a lot of success with this project!


TriOpSys is certified training company


Since last Wednesday, March 22, TriOpSys is ‘Certified Training Company’! On that day, we had a visit from Peter Stemerdink, consultant practice learning of the Cooperation Professional Education Corporate Business (SBB). He was so impressed by the activities of our company that he immediately decided to grant us this license. This means that we now also offer internships and graduation assignments for mbo and can contribute to the training of future specialists. In the picture left Peter Stemerdink and right Rob Timman during the presentation of the ’tile’.


TriOpSys supplier voor I&M


TriOpSys is selected as one of the preferred suppliers to provide various IT services to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (I&M). With the aim to enable the right expertise at the right time I&M has made a pre-selection of suppliers based on different areas of expertise. We are selected for Developing and Managing applications and to provide Advisory services including Apps, GIS, ESB and Technical and Scientific Modeling, and the areas Application Security, Project Management, Environment and Transport. Well done by our bid team!


Cooperation TriOpSys and S [&] T


Recently, the directors of S [&] T, Erik Zoutman, and TriOpSys, At Hijwegen, signed an agreement for the joint development of the ‘Sentinel5 Level 2 Processor Prototype Project’ for the ESA. S [&] T and TriOpSys have collaborated successfully before on the Sentinel 5p (Tropomi) project and we are pleased to continue our collaboration with this new project. In the picture on behalf of TriOpSys, from left to right: Joy Ong, Frank Vonk, Wim Meinen and At Hijwegen.

Ondertekening samenwerking TriOpSys en S [&] T voor Sentinel5


Cooperation TriOpSys and vhp human performance: SecuRadar


TriOpSys and vhp human performance have partnered to develop SecuRadar, a layer application for municipalities. Linked data from various sources are displayed on a map and provides a visual overview of the (social) safety in a municipality. This innovative development was made possible by winning the SBIR application and we are proud of the confidence in our solution. http://www.rvo.nl/subsidies-regelingen/projecten/securadar.

That should be celebrated with cake! The picture shows Peter Mark, Jan Noot, Patrick Punte (vhp human performance), Rob Timman, Peter Rasker (vhp human performance) and Remco Reijm.


New release ROVM viewer


The Site Acceptance Test of the new release for the ROVM viewer of Rijkswaterstaat (Department of Public Works) was successful! ROVM stands for Regional Operational Traffic Management. The viewer is a map displaying the current traffic information, based on data from the Nationale Dienst Wegverkeersgegevens (National Traffic Information Service). The ROVM Viewer is used by a.i. traffic controllers and road inspectors. Kudos to the TriOpSys development team: Jeroen, Gydo, Jarik, Dennis, Herwin, Wigle and Mark, and all those involved at RWS and NDW!

Screenshot ROVM Viewer


Completion interface Aangetekend Mailen and IDIN


With pride we announce that TriOpSys, as part of the cooperation with Aangetekend Mailen, has developed and implemented the software module for IDIN. IDIN is the new digital way to identify you as a customer, using the trusted and secure tools of your bank. By creating an interface between the digital signature of Aangetekend Mailen and IDIN there is now a guaranteed safe way to sign legally contracts digitally. ABN AMRO offers this possibility since 1 November to its customers. https://www.abnamro.com/en/newsroom/newsarticles/2016/abn-amro-and-aangetekend-launch-online-contract-signing-method.html.

Big thanks and tribute to the TriOpSys team members Dennis, Harun, Jeroen, Selwyn and Herwin!

More information about IDIN: https://www.idin.nl/consumenten/animatie/animation/


1st Masterclass Meldkamers (ARC’s)


Rob Timman, Martijn Bellaard and André Decnop held the first tryout of the ‘TriOpSys Masterclass Meldkamers’ (ARC). The masterclass is designed to teach employees all there is to know about ARC’s. The first masterclass was successful with good feedback to improve it. Once the masterclass is perfected, it will also be available to interested parties outside TriOpSys. We will keep you informed!


Signing collaboration Astron


On April 13, At Hijwegen on behalf of TriOpSys signed a collaboration agreement with Astron, the Dutch Institute for Radio Astronomy. The partnership, called Collaboration on Big Data for Radio Astronomy (COBRA), aims to investigate how Astron can process the huge amounts of received data efficiently. Besides TriOpSys 3 other companies participate in the collaboration: QxA Innovation Solutions, S & T and MMP BI.

The collaboration is a continuation of the development of a microserver, hardware, by Astron and IBM. The research focuses on the software and will prepare Astron for the construction of a new large radio telescope in 2018. Currently they process 20 petabytes (1 with 15 zeros) of data, but it is expected that due to the new telescope this will increase to exabytes (1 with 18 zeros).


Aangetekend Bellen BV obtains ISO 27001 certification


Aangetekend Bellen BV is officially ISO27001 certified by Lloyds on Friday, April 8. This certification demonstrates that the organization has well organized processes in the field of information security, in accordance with the ISO27001 standard. Aangetekend Bellen BV provides the service Aangetekend Mailen, for which TriOpSys and Aangetekend Bellen BV have entered into a partnership.  Aangetekend Bellen BV focuses on the marketing, sales and product development, and TriOpSys is responsible for the development of the Aangetekend Mailen application, and the system management of all underlying systems. Since both parties are ‘intertwined’ this ISO27001 certification has also been a joint effort. We give thanks to Erik, Herwin, Mustafa, Johan and Harun for their contribution from TriOpSys. Of course we congratulate Wouter van den Brink and Philip Voogt of Aangetekend Bellen BV with this important milestone!


Gold Midmarket Solution Provider


After years of having had the status of Microsoft Silver MidMarket Solution Provider, TriOpSys recently achieved Gold status. This status is obtained by at least 5 references and obtaining the necessary certificates. This allows us to optimally support our customers and provide the quality TriOpSys stands for. We thank and pay tribute to Mustafa Benali and Martijn Bellaard for obtaining their certificate and Ruud Dekkers and David Bor for the realization of our Gold status. Well done, guys!


Team Hepeedem wins 1st TriOpSys Hackathon


It was hard work, last weekend, during the 1st TriOpSys Hackathon! Lots of electronics, brainstorming, programming… As the deadline approached, tension increased… Under the watchful eye of colleagues and family, the jury, consisting of Peter Mark, Rob Timman and At Hijwegen announced the winner: Team Hepeedem, consisting of Peter Meijering, Hessel Meulenbeld, Edwin van Eijk and Emiel Hermsen.

Congratulations! They developed a generic sensor box, the Kees case, in which sensors can be connected through auto-discovery. The data is then communicated via LoRa to the central system (developed in Java and Spring Boot) and stored in a database. These are then geographically accessible via a web application.

We thank every team member for their participation and Peter Mark for the excellent organization. Again next year!


CoRISMA website live!


The CoRISMA website has successfully gone live! We have developed this website for Rijkswaterstaat. CoRISMa is a European project which aims to investigate the value of public publishing of nautical traffic, such as ship positions in the waterway and shipping forecasts. CoRISMA retrieves data from various connected systems, such as the Trip Planner, VOC and ODS.
We wish to thank and compliment the team for their hard work: Annick, Hessel, Diego, Gerben, Dennis and Jarik!


NDW Central Information System (NCIS) live!


The NDW Central Information System (NCIS) has gone live! Allows the National Traffic Information Service is ready for the growing stream of data that can also be delivered faster than before to customers. See also the NDW news.

We thank CGI for the successful cooperation and are proud of our team for their hard work and the end result. Thanks, Emiel, Aleksander, Harryt, Selwyn, Gunter, Alfred and Mark!


LVNL project successfully completed


We have successfully completed a wonderful project. Last week, the new Workload Model (WLM) for LVNL (Air Traffic Control Netherlands) was put into use. The picture shows the GUI.

User Interface on screen in workspace air traffic control

The WLM supports the air traffic control management in managing the Dutch airspace by displaying information on the current and projected workload. Based on this information, a supervisor can distribute the work more evenly among traffic controllers.

We thank LVNL for the assignment and trust. And pay tribute to the team that built this beautiful solution. Well done, Annick, Patrick, Marijn and Gunter!


NDW contract for development NCIS


NDW has awarded TriOpSys and CGI the contract for the development and operation of the Central Information System (NCIS). TriOpSys (as a CGI subcontractor) develops the central Enterprise Service Bus for NCIS to collect and distribute traffic data from the national, provincial and municipal roads.

NCIS will process 150,000 measurements per minute from next year and thus fits well with our focus on mission critical data processing systems. TriOpSys hereby is expanding its activities in the development and management of (Datex II based) transport systems.

At Hijwegen, director of TriOpSys “TriOpSys already took care of providing NDW with status information such as roadwork and traffic reports, and we are proud that we can now extend this with the latest traffic data. We are pleased to further expand cooperation with CGI for ‘dry’ traffic management activities.”


Successful completion specification project RWS


We have completed a beautiful specification project for Rijkswaterstaat – Major Projects & Maintenance (RWS GPO). The various plans for maintenance of the civil infrastructure, such as riverbanks and sluice gates must be managed in an information system. Hotze de Jong, Wim Meinen, Jan Noot, Frank Lansdorp and Gerben Bijhold have written a conceptual description of the processes and systems (Operational Concept Description) and the functional and non-functional requirements (System / Subsystem Specification) of the information system. As well as a description of the interfaces to the standard cost system and the programming system RUPS (Interface Requirements Specification).

A good example of a high level team oriented consultancy project. We are proud of this project and the compliments we have received from the customer. Well done, Hotze, Peter, John, Frank and Gerben!


SNA certification for TriOpSys


TriOpSys per March 12, 2013 has received the SNA certification of the Stichting Normering Arbeid (Foundation for Labour Standards). This indicates that TriOpSys in the field of human resources, payroll and tax administration meets the standards set out in NEN 4400-1. The SNA certification is increasingly required for participating in tenders and bids and therefore vital to TriOpSys. Marcel Busink, Quality Officer at TriOpSys, has successfully led the certification and we are proud to have another certification. For more information, see http://www.normeringarbeid.nl/en/default.aspx.