1 February 2017

Public Safety & Security

TriOpSys’ activities of regarding control room systems and security are concentrated within the division Public Safety & Security. Within Public Safety we offer services for police, fire and ambulance regions, but also the “white coat” sector, such as hospitals and laboratories. Within Security we provide services to security companies as well as  security systems and services, realized by TriOpSys.

Over the years, TriOpSys’ services in this segment gradually shifted from software development to a wide range of services including the procurement, specification, testing and managing of such systems, as well as performing audits or second opinions.

In 2017, TriOpSys launched, in collaboration with vhp human performance, SecuRadar. SecuRadar is an innovative software system that connects data from more than 7000 data sources and then displays them on a map. This allows municipalities and safety regions to notice threats prematurely and make policy decisions based on concrete data.