1 February 2017


Since 2002, TriOpSys has been working closely with a number of Dutch institutes and companies in the domain of the space industry. We support these organizations by providing our IT expertise and we have acquired extensive knowledge and experience in areas such as the satellite data processing, simulators, hard- & software integration and (functional & technical) requirements engineering. In this industry, reliable and strong data processing systems are vital. Throughout the years, TriOpSys has gained a reputation in the area of scientific data processing as well as data processing on instruments and calibrations.

Within our space division, our teams are accustomed to working with J-STD-016 (Mil-Std-498) as well as with ESA PSS05 and ECSS standards. In addition, we work with a number of metadata standards (such as ISO-19115 and INSPIRE) and data standards (examples being CCSDS, HDF and HDF-EOS).

Satellite data processing

TriOpSys has an extensive track record in the development of operational satellite data processing software, particularly for earth observation missions. We have developed L0 to L1b data processing software which can convert raw instrument data into calibrated, geolocated data products. Furthermore, we are involved in L2 data processing for deriving geophysical variables from the L1b data and calibration data processing for characterization of earth observation instruments. Our affinity with both space hardware and the end-users has enabled us to be very successful in this field.

Data processing frameworks, archive centers & portals

We develop software systems to collect, store, analyze, process, distribute and access data from both spaceborne instruments as well as ground-based sensor networks. The current generation of satellites and sensor networks can generate large amounts of data. We have profound experience in developing systems that can reliably and effectively handle these large volumes of data and provide the end-users with an easy access to these data.

Consultancy, requirements analysis and engineering

Equipped with domain knowledge of the space industry, TriOpSys can provide consultancy and advice with regard to gathering and analyzing requirements and engineering activities. Because of our years of experience in this domain, we are able to help organizations with implementing and applying space industry standards related to the software development, data product formats and data dissemination. This has enabled our clients and organizations to carry out space projects successfully.