1 February 2017


The services of TriOpSys are divided among three domains: Traffic Management, Public Safety & Security and Defence & Space. Within each domain, we are actively working on building and sharing specialist knowledge, including visiting professional fairs, seminars and courses. We maintain an extensive network and are members of industry associations, such as the NIDV and Astrin.

The knowledge and experience gained within a domain is, of course, shared within TriOpSys. Thus, best practices can be used optimally. A good example is the J-STD-16 standard, a military standard documentation from our Defense & Aerospace division, which has been successfully implemented in various civic organizations. By applying J-STD-16, software is developed, tested and documented according to a recognized standard. This increases the probability of a successful project considerably. The J-STD-16 standard is actually representing the way TriOpSys operates: a solid, proven and structured approach as the basis for a successful project.